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Jason is a teacher and teacher trainer based out of Toronto, Ontario. With a decade of experience in Yoga, niche trainings in mobility and anatomy, Jason brings an evolution of yoga and movement to his students. The goal is to move your body better and to be pain free.

Jason Campbell

500hr Yoga/Mobility Teacher & Teacher Trainer

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404-60 Gloucester St.

Toronto, Ontario

M4Y 1L7


Deepen your understanding

Workshops with Jason delve deeper into the same topics explored briefly in classes.

We look at the How, What, and Why of your body in various contexts to help you deepen your understand of the classes you take.

Become a Professional

The trainings offered by Jason are for existing Yoga teachers, Coaches, Personal Trainers, etc to improve their knowledge, grow their client base, and their income.

There is always more to learn, and more knowledge to pass onto our own students.

Yoga and MobilityMend Classes

Yoga  & Mobility classes of various styles, but always geared to help students understand their bodies better to help them move their bodies better.
There are no fancy yoga poses in these classes, I teach the basics, because the basics are much harder than you think.