‍‍‍Mobility for Life

A multi-style movement class, using yoga, pilates and fitness, with a focus on quality movement. You’ll improve your strength and flexibility while educating your body to move better. Improve your game, actively play with your kids, and feel better with less aches and pains.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes for every body

Yoga classes of various styles, but always geared to help students understand their bodies better to help them move their bodies better.
There are no fancy yoga poses in these classes, I teach the basics, because the basics are much harder than you think.

MobilityMend Classes

Practice at home

While the yoga and mobility industry is booming right now, the majority of people practice at home.

Practice in your PJs while still being guided by a teacher, helping to improve the results of your home practice and further your understanding of your body.


Online Classes

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